Hi, I'm a computer scientist and audio engineer making unique plug-ins for DAWs.
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Gamelanizer applies the mipil or pipilan transformation from Javanese gamelan music to audio signals. Think of it like a rhythmic, multitap, pitch-shifting delay, except the wet sound begins earlier than the input.

Overtone Filter

Simulate sygyt style overtone singing (a.k.a. throat singing) by emphasizing MIDI-selected harmonics of an audio signal.

The following GIF shows a spectrogram of the signal before and after processing. Notice that the melody in the second frame is created only from the harmonics in the original signal.

Path Synth

A simple synthesizer where the oscillator is determined by a user-defined path.


Farkle is inspired by an effect heard on Van Dyke Parks' album Song Cycle.

Negative Delay

Negative Delay is inspired by an effect heard on the bridge section of the mono mix of Country Joe and the Fish's song Grace.

Musical Ring Mod

This plug-in lets you input the note value as sidechain midi input. This way the ring modulation has a consistent tone from note to note, letting you use it in a musical context.

Pan Subtractor

This plug-in lets you remove an element of a stereo mix by pointing at the angle of the panned source.

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