I'm a listener. I love working with musicians. Let's make something beautiful together! I think an engineer's work should speak for itself, so here is mine:

Katiee Carney


Katiee is an immensely talented up-and-coming artist from Toledeo Washington who did these two songs with us in Nashville. They're some of my favorite productions so far!

While I'm Still Young

I love the way the percussion and guitars gel together in this song.

My Forget About You On



Ooberfuse came to Nashville for the British Songwriters Exchange Camp that I worked. They decided to track 3 fully produced songs with us and this was my favorite of them.

Like The Sun

I've always had a thing for music with this mood but I haven't had much chance to mix it yet. I had a very specific idea in mind for how the vocals should sound and I'm glad I achieved it.

Will Padgett

Video Game Composition Reel


Will is an amazing composer in any genre so when he approached me about mixing his video game music compositions I was happy to help. Note that these are full songs and may take a second to load.

Leaving The Beach

One of three modern takes on a retro sound. I got to use my LFSR white noise generator, which I made in Max/MSP, to make the ocean sounds the way a Gameboy or NES would.

Astral Surfing

Part 2 of Leaving The Beach.

Chill Time

Mip's House

I think limitation is the ultimate catalyst for creativity. We decided not to use any reverb on the main section of this song. It was very rewarding adding depth and separation purely with other methods.

Opening Music

This song is nice and cheesy like something that would be on Nintendo Wii.


Highly Favored


Gramz wanted to do an old school hip hop record with live instrumentation. Mixing these 4 songs from it was a lot of fun.


Let's Go

Let The Good Times Roll

Trying To Escape

Kevin Max

Starry Eyes Surprise


Kevin's creativity and masterfulness as a singer make him a joy to engineer for.

Under The Milky Way Tonight

This was the first song we did for Kevin and is one of my favorites. I wanted to make the choruses sound like they were blooming up out of each downbeat, while the sax floats above and around everything.

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

I grew up loving The Smiths so to do a cover with Kevin was a real treat. I even got to play my bouzouki in it. Mixing a 13-minute song is a welcome challenge because you have to find ways to keep the listener interested. Read More I also try to keep things subtle enough so that there's a reward for multiple listenings. I recorded the cicadas in the treehouse behind Creative Caffeine and used some studio tricks to make them in rhythm with the music. I wanted the "All I want is you" background vocals to sound like giant heads looking down at the listener as spotlights illuminate them in the night. Read Less

I Only Have Eyes For You

This song has two layers of drumsets!

Moon Over Bourbon Street


Nothin' Civil EP


Aubryn is an award winning singer songwriter. She started this album with Pino around the time when I was starting to engineer at Creative Caffeine. I'm glad I was able to be the main engineer, apart from interns and assistants, to have worked on it from start to finish. It is an eclectic album, to say the least.

Nothin' Civil

This is the first song we did with Aubryn. I enjoyed bringing out the darkness in a song about domestic abuse in the mix.

Cure My Disaster

I love how the percussion gels in this one. I also played bouzouki in the bridge.

In The Field

This song was apparently inspired by the X-Files. We had Black Cat Sylvester do some surreal glitchy programming. It was interesting getting that to blend with the acoustic instruments.

Lady About Town

I also played Bouzouki and did some small programming in this one.

Murder Ballad Blues

This was another song that needed to sound creepy, but this time with a strong blues element to it.

'Til The Reaper Comes

For this bonus track, I wanted to create a sound similar to trains without actually using any train samples.

Ben Sturgell

Music Box

Music Box was the first project I was involved with when I started working with Pino at Creative Caffeine. I was involved in tracking and editing almost all of the songs. I am grateful to have been able to mix one of the songs.

Drive (Tracking/Editing/Mixing)

While I was tracking Ben's vocals, I suggested, based on his lyrics, that he try to give a performance that sounded like a controlled anger bubbling up to the surface. I reinforced this with the direction I took in the mix.

Gnarly Parkers

Hop Heads EP


Tracking this EP with all of the Gnarly Parkers at Creative Caffeine was loads of fun. They wanted an authentic swing record that had the polish of modern sounds.

Big Ass World
Dream of You
Hop Heads

Sammy Shake
Spin Me Minnie
Swindlin' Eyes

Adam Searan


Adam is an up-and-coming music star who placed #2 in Nash Next Country 2015. We had been using Adam as a session player on some of other projects, so when he came to us for his song Rescue we were more than happy to help.


I loved the creative exploration I was allowed for this song. This mix has some pretty complexly changing vocal effects. I also played xylophone and an unorthdox style of bouzouki in the ending jam.

Other Work

  • Starlito -Passed The Present Tracking
  • Butron - Songs For Kids With Beards Assisting
  • Flatland Funk Donors - Upcoming Tracking/Editing/Mixing
  • Katie J. - Upcoming Tracking/Editing/Mixing
  • Thomas Rhett - When I Was Your Man Tracking
  • Danny Salazar - Songs of Victory Tracking/Editing/Mixing
  • Byron Rice - Sink In Tracking/Editing
  • The Aquaducks - Open Season Tracking
  • Light of Marfa - Please Don't Wait For Me Tracking
  • Applegate Nance - Upcoming Tracking/Editing/Mixing
  • Chucky V - Upcoming Tracking/Editing/Mixing
  • Allen McKendree - 4 Demos Tracking/Editing/Mixing
  • British Songwriters Exchange Camp Tracking/Editing/Mixing
  • The Voodoo Fix Tracking
  • Jessica Cayne - Upcoming Tracking/Editing/Mixing
  • So many others...


“I haven't worked with an engineer producer with better instincts than Luke Craig. He is meticulous but in a totally open manner, in which it is obvious that the music is the most important methodology.”

— Kevin Max

“Luke has been the essential element with me, for our production team at the Boomlabs. His organizational, technical and musical skills make him competitive on any platform.”

— Pino Squillace

“Luke's contribution to recording and mixing a project is invaluable. He's organized, focused and very competent in his craft. Quickest and smoothest experience I've had tracking in a studio.”

— Will Padgett of Gnarly Parkers

“Luke has an incredible ear and is someone I would definitely like to work with again in the future. Some of my favorite moments on my record were little details he put in that added so much character to the songs. I could tell he really payed attention to the lyrics and meaning of the songs and put just the right amount of punch where it would create the greatest effect. ”

— Aubryn Stevens

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